Revisiting M106 and the Sunflower

Now that our new backyard observatory is up and running, and we’re under darker skies than in our previous home, I’m revisiting some galaxies I’ve imaged before to see how things compare.

Galaxies are tough… any amount of light pollution or moonlight really limits your ability to capture faint, wispy details. But the less light pollution you have, the less time it takes to get a decent image. So far my main learning is that I can meet or exceed the quality of my previous images, but in much less time. What used to take a week of exposures can now be done in a night or two.

So I give you M63, the Sunflower Galaxy, and M106 along with some of its galactic friends. The stellar halo around M63 was much easier to capture out here!

M63, The Sunflower Galaxy
M106 and friends

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