Nov 30

The Nebula with No Name

This dim nebula in the constellation Perseus has no name, apart from its catalog numbers NGC 1491 and LBN 704. I think it deserves one. It reminds me of the Bubble nebula – if you look closely, you’ll see a “bubble” at center being created from the stellar wind of the hot star that is […]

Nov 27

Will astrophotographers be replaced by robots?

Deep-sky astrophotography is the ultimate hobby for nerds; it combines endless tinkering with highly specialized technology, exploration of the cosmos, and constant challenges, achievements, and learning. But, could this hobby be automated to the point where anyone can do it? Products such as Stellina and Unistellar promise to deliver an experience where you can plop […]

Nov 26

The “Silver Sliver” Galaxy

Try saying that three times fast! Fortunately, the “Silver Sliver Galaxy” has a formal name that’s easier to pronounce: NGC 891. It’s about 30 million light-years away, and is thought to be very similar to what our own Milky Way galaxy would look like when viewed edge-on. Explore the wider-field image; click on it for […]

Nov 22

Live Star Party! The Veil Nebula supernova remnant

We’re back with our live viewing of the cosmos! Join us as we view the Veil Nebula via a camera attached to our telescope – it’s a supernova remnant from a massive star that exploded 8,000 years ago, and it’s gorgeous. We’ll also talk about tonight’s expected meteor storm as the Earth passes through a […]

Nov 21

The “Fish-Head Nebula”

Fish-Head Nebula

It’s really just a small portion of the Heart Nebula… that kinda looks like a fish. Maybe not the prettiest object in the cosmos, but it reflects a few technical accomplishments for me. About 20 hours of exposure time in total on this. Below I’m presenting it in a false-color “Hubble Palette”, as well as […]