Nov 22

Live Star Party! The Veil Nebula supernova remnant

We’re back with our live viewing of the cosmos! Join us as we view the Veil Nebula via a camera attached to our telescope – it’s a supernova remnant from a massive star that exploded 8,000 years ago, and it’s gorgeous. We’ll also talk about tonight’s expected meteor storm as the Earth passes through a […]

Jun 21

Live Star Party: The Pinwheel Galaxy

Last night, we aimed our telescope at the Pinwheel Galaxy, and it just got prettier and prettier over time. Together, we’ll look at a trillion stars 20 million light-years away – it’s mind-blowing stuff. Check it out! We also discussed the distant world Ultima Thule in Tori’s “Far Out Fact” segment. Learn more about this […]

May 23

Live Star Party: Globular Cluster M3

Our teaser for this one is “what are the oldest objects in the galaxy?” Well, globular clusters are among them for sure. In this episode, we’ll train our telescope on globular cluster M3, and share the views thanks to a camera attached to it. We’ll look at lots of pretty pictures of star clusters, of […]

May 16

Live Star Party: The Moon through our Telescope

There’s a whole alien world right above our heads! Join us as we explore the surface of the moon, live with our telescope – and revisit some amazing NASA imagery from the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter and the Apollo program.