May 25

Light pollution: dealing with it.

(Image credit: ddmitr, Every picture on this site was taken from a suburban driveway in a “red zone” on the light pollution map, literally underneath a streetlight. Every year more subdivisions and apartment buildings spring up in my city, and light pollution from the metro Orlando area just keeps getting worse. There are four […]

May 25

The Crescent Nebula

Like the Bubble Nebula, and Thor’s Helmet, this is formed by the fast stellar wind of the extremely hot star at its heart – which interacts in complex ways from the wind left over from when this star was a red giant. This is roughly 5,000 light-years away. These images were taken over the span […]

May 24

The Sunflower Galaxy

M63, The Sunflower Galaxy

Officially called M63, this spiral galaxy about 30 million light-years away is part of the same group as the Whirlpool Galaxy.

May 23

Live Star Party: Globular Cluster M3

Our teaser for this one is “what are the oldest objects in the galaxy?” Well, globular clusters are among them for sure. In this episode, we’ll train our telescope on globular cluster M3, and share the views thanks to a camera attached to it. We’ll look at lots of pretty pictures of star clusters, of […]

May 22

Late-night planetary imaging.

Imaging the planets requires completely different techniques and equipment than deep-sky stuff, and it’s something I’m not really good at yet. What matters the most is the seeing conditions – how stable the atmosphere is. A big part of taking good planetary images is just having the perseverance to get out there whenever the seeing […]

May 21

Beating light pollution with a new synthetic RGB algorithm

Imaging deep sky objects from a suburban driveway forces one to find ways to deal with light pollution. Light pollution is the enemy of astronomers – but in reality, there are ways around it. Some of the most beautiful objects in the cosmos are called emission nebula. They are clouds of gas, often where new […]

May 18

Globular Cluster M3

M3 Globular Cluster

You’re looking at about 500,000 stars, balled up just outside of our galaxy. They are ancient; about 8 billion years old.

May 16

Live Star Party: The Moon through our Telescope

There’s a whole alien world right above our heads! Join us as we explore the surface of the moon, live with our telescope – and revisit some amazing NASA imagery from the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter and the Apollo program.

May 8

Globular Cluster M13

Globular Cluster M13

M13, the great globular cluster in Hercules. You can see some of its interesting neighbors, including the galaxy NGC 6207 in the lower-left. While M13 itself is 25,000 light-years away just above our galactic plane, NGC 6207 is 37 million light-years distant. About halfway between the two, the galaxy IC 4617 is also visible – […]

May 1

Globular Cluster M5

Globular Cluster M5

One of the largest and oldest (13 billion years) globular cluster of stars near our galaxy – there are hundreds of thousands of stars in there. There are some interesting theories that globular clusters such as this are what remains of smaller galaxies that our Milky Way has consumed – this is just what’s left […]