Mar 31

Coma Berenices Galaxy Cluster

Abell 1656 in Coma Berenices

AKA Abell 1656. There are tens of thousands of galaxies in this portion of the sky; almost everything in this image is an entire galaxy filled with hundreds of millions of stars. Whoah. And they’re hundreds of millions of light-years away. Click and zoom in to explore them all.

Mar 26

The “Leo Trio” of galaxies

"Leo Triplet" of galaxies

Three nearby galaxies: M65, M66, and NGC 3628. All three are spiral galaxies, viewed from different angles. You can guess which one is called the “Hamburger Galaxy” đŸ™‚

Mar 15

Cone Nebula

Narrowband image of the cone-shaped absorption nebula in front of the brighter emission nebula in this interesting region of the Christmas Tree Cluster, about 2,700 light-years away.

Mar 7

Bode’s Galaxies (M81 & M82)

Bode's Galaxies (M81 and M82)

Johan Bode discovered both Bode’s Galaxy (M81, on the left) and the Cigar Galaxy (M82, on the right.) Look closely and you’ll see many other, more distant galaxies in the background as well.